Aloha burger $8.75

Aloha burger with provolone, crispy fried spam, a pineapple slice, and topped with a pineapple habanero sauce

Ring of fire burger $8.75

Ring of fire come get one if you dare

Bun on the run standard $7.75

Texas colossal $9.75

The Bird $8.75

Sides and Salads

Later Tater the burger chaser $4.75

Later tater burger chaser. This is our side item sprinkled with either black truffle salt, ghost pepper salt, or Sriracha salt.

Summer apple arugula salad $5.50



UT cookies on special occasions 

Cake balls $1 each strawberry and funfetti for now watch for german chocolate and chocolate fudge


Sodas $1.50
Moonshine Sweet Tea $2.00
Rocky Mt. High energy drinks $3.50
Bottled Water $1.50

Other Items

Loco moco with mac salad all gulten free. Gluten free noodles, gluten free brown gravy.


Open with breakfast tacos

Fresh fruit with yogurt